INDIANAPOLIS — Court records detail a crime spree police say an accused killer committed following a deadly hit-and-run over the weekend.

Walking with his 15-year-old son along the sidewalk at 16th and Capitol on Feb. 11, 47-year-old John Pollard Jr. was run over by a silver rental car.

Police claim 29-year-old Terell Williamson intentionally swerved onto the sidewalk, hit the victim, and sped away.

Booking photo for Terell Williamson

The motive for the killing remains unclear but the victim’s son said they had gotten into a fight with a man at a nearby pharmacy and believes the suspect followed them down 16th street.

The murder affidavit claims just minutes later, the suspect called his ex-girlfriend for help, then threatened to kill her and her family when she refused.

Later that day police say Williamson was arrested for causing a disturbance at his grandmother’s home on Ruckle. Police interviewed Williamson but didn’t have enough evidence to connect him to the hit-and-run so he was released.

The next morning on Feb. 12, Williamson allegedly came to back his family’s home on Ruckle and assaulted his mother for turning him in before stealing her car.

Police believe Williamson then drove to a gas station on 38th street and stole another man’s car.

Later in the day, on Senate Avenue downtown, police claim Williamson pointed a gun at one person and then tried to carjack someone else waiting at the light on Vermont.

“He asked for a cigarette and tried to get into their car and they pulled off,” said one carjacking victim.

That woman, who asked not to be identified, was driving a Chevy Volt delivering pizzas for Dominos when she says Williamson carjacked her company car at gunpoint.

“He said he didn’t want my money.  He said he wasn’t going to hurt me.  He just said he was running from the police and he took off,” said the victim.

The suspect was arrested after police say he drove the stolen pizza delivery car to an alley near Addison street and left it running while he got out and tried to hide in one of the nearby homes.

Court records also show two weeks before the homicide, police arrested Williamson for felony drug and weapons possession in late January.

The prosecutor’s office decided not to file charges and the suspect was released two days later.

Asked to explain that decision, a spokesman at the prosecutor’s office wrote: “At the time the case was presented, there was not enough evidence to indicate who the firearm belonged to. As a result, investigators obtained a warrant for a buccal swab (DNA) for forensic testing on the firearm.”

Police reports also list Williamson as the suspect in a stolen car and attempted carjacking on Feb. 10, the day before the homicide.

The delivery driver he is accused of carjacking just hopes Williamson is held accountable for all his actions.

“It’s still kind of like a dream. I know it happened, but it’s like did this really happen?” said the victim. “I pray for his family and him and wish he gets the help he needs.”

The suspect is now being held without bond on preliminary charges of murder and robbery.