Man arrested for attempted murder has lengthy criminal history in Muncie


DeAndre Barnum

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DeAndre Barnum pleaded guilty to unlawful possession of a firearm by a serious felon and aggravated battery. He was sentenced to 14 years in prison with 386 days of jail credit.


DELAWARE COUNTY, Ind. — A Muncie man arrested for the attempted murder of an Anderson man has a lengthy criminal history in Delaware County.

DeAndre Barnum was arrested in Anderson on Sunday for charges of attempted murder and possession of marijuana. According to court records, he shot the victim “approximately 7-9” times. The victim is expected to be okay.

Barnum is no stranger to law enforcement in Delaware County. In January 2015, deputies with the Delaware County Drug Task Force investigated and arrested Barnum on multiple drug charges. He was also charged with carrying a gun without a license.

“He’s had a gun on him before. He’s sold drugs and now he’s done whatever he’s done in Anderson,” explained and undercover deputy.

In December 2015, Barnum was sentenced to supervised release, meaning he wasn’t sent to jail. He’s also accused of failing to appear to a sentencing for charges in 2014 including intimidation and disorderly conduct. He was released from jail and scheduled to appear back in Muncie City court on June 13.

Deputies said they’re not surprised Barnum is out and that he’s committing dangerous and violent crimes.

“We spent a lot of time, we spend a lot of effort and put a lot of pride in the police work that you do and in the investigation that you do and they’re out tomorrow,” an undercover deputy said.

The charges filed in Madison county will likely mean Barnum violated terms of his 2015 sentencing.

“These guys, they’re in the game to sell drugs, they’re in the game to get women, they’re in the game to protect themselves, they’re in the game to look tough,” said a deputy.

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