Maintaining financial control during COVID-19 pandemic


WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Purdue University is working to help people learn how to maintain their financial control and minimize hardship.

Many people experiencing an unanticipated loss of income due to stay-at-home orders and business closures because of COVID-19. The Purdue Extension Health and Human Sciences is sharing information to help people during this difficult time.

The fact sheets outline how to determine one’s net worth and recommend thinking about non-financial resources. They also recommend using available community, state or national resources.

The agency encourages people to set spending priorities and to create a budget. HHS Extension recommends reaching out to lenders and creditors to ask if they have any relief available during the pandemic.

Lastly, the agency encourages people to be aware of fraud and scams and to know one’s rights.

The following fact sheets are available from the agency:

  1. Don’t Panic – Take Control
  2. Controlling Stress
  3. Take Stock of Family Resources
  4. Take Stock of Community Resources
  5. Set Priorities for Spending
  6. Plan to Pay Creditors 
  7. Keep a Roof Overhead
  8. Meeting Insurance Needs
  9. Sharpen your Survival Skills

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