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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – It’s Valentine’s Day and many are celebrating with their special someone. In this modern age, “Singles Awareness Day” has popped up to mark Feb. 15, after tons of folks post pictures online celebrating V-Day.

Whether there’s enough spite in your engine to power a large combine, or if you’re content with being single, here’s 10 songs that will help you convince yourself Valentine’s Day is just another 24 hours on the calendar.

Let’s get started with the most underrated Sandler movie.

The J. Gelis Band – Love Stinks (cover by Adam Sandler in “The Wedding Singer”)

We begin with a classic. The “Wedding Singer” is sneakily in Sandler’s top three films and this scene directly after his character gets left at the alter is perfect.

The look on the father of the bride’s face is hilarious, you knew that punch was coming before it happened.

Bonus – This movie is full of music gems, from Steve Buscemi announcing he’s a self-taught guitar player to this little diddy.

TLC – No Scrubs

Valentine’s Day should not be about holding your head down and feeling sorry for yourself.

It’s quite possible that your entire love life has been filled up of scrubs, not worthy of your time or undying devotion. Boost your self-confidence with a little TLC.

Soft Cell – Tainted Love

We’re headed back to the 80’s with one of the most addicting melodies ever created, Soft Cell’s “Tainted Love.”

One of the coolest things about this song is the eight minute extension, which includes the popular chorus “Where Did Our Love Go?” Bands just don’t do this anymore.

The Smiths – I Know It’s Over

This quite possibly is the saddest song ever written. Morrissey reportedly locked himself inside his room for years prior to starting the band. He emerged with a chestful of incredible, yet extremely depressing lyrics.

For those unfamiliar with the Smiths, the combo of Morrissey and Marr were better songwriters than McCartney and Lennon (hot take I know, but dive into them.)

Destiny’s Child – Survivor

Yes, you could pencil in “Single Ladies,” but that would be too basic. “Survivor” is severely underrated and each day that goes by, more and more Beyonce fans have no idea Destiny’s Child was the start of it all.

“You thought I’d be weak without you, but I’m stronger,” Beyonce announces with authority. Apparently she forgot her mother told her not to diss people on the internet while recording “Lemonade.”

Chicano Batman – Black Lipstick

Speaking of jams,  we turn our attention to LA-based Chicano Batman and their first big single, “Black Lipstick.”  The soulful chorus explains the protagonist, whose heart color is reflected on her lips, is a flat out heartbreaker.

“She’ll tear it apart,” Martinez sings about what this woman has done to his heart.


Out of all of Scotland’s exports, CHVRCHES might be the greatest thing since Johnnie Walker.

In their best song, lead singer Lauren Mayberry describes a toxic relationship she cannot walk away from. Spoiler alert – they go absolutely off at the end of this, crank it to 11.

The Cure – In Between Days

For such an upbeat song, the lyrics are very depressing. On one of their biggest hits, the British band tells a tale of a horrendous breakup. A lot of people have this preconceived gothic notion about Robert Smith and company due to the big hair and ghoulish makeup.

It turns out they have a lot of amazing love songs as well, such as the easily-titled hit “Love Song.”

Blood Orange –You’re Not Good Enough

The chorus is sung by Dev’s ex-girlfriend…leaving the idea that she is directly singing about their passed failed relationship.

And she isn’t sugar coating things either, “I never was in love…you know that you were never good enough.”

P.S.  – This music video below is beyond phenomenal.

Kanye West – Heartless

On his most underrated album, Kanye sings about his pre-Kim life on someone who did him wrong.

Shout out to Kanye for absolutely killing auto-tune throughout this entire album. T-Pain must have been pretty shook up following the release of “808’s and Heartbreak.”

Hopefully this playlist made the end of your Valentine’s Day a little more enjoyable. If you didn’t have the best day, don’t worry and keep your chin up!