Looking to sell Indy 500 tickets on the streets of Speedway? Police say think again

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INDIANAPOLIS, IND. – Thinking of selling a few extra tickets at the track before the historic 100th running of the Indianapolis 500…the Town of Speedway says think again.

“If they are caught by code enforcement or police, their tickets will be taken away and they will get a $200.00 citation,” says Town of Speedway clerk Monty Combs.

Anyone selling a single ticket on the streets in the Town of Speedway must buy a permit for $250.00. That means even if you are just trying to sell a last minute ticket for a friend that is a no-show, police call that “scalping” and you will have to pay a fine.

“The code enforcement guys do a good job of making sure they have the right credentials if they are selling tickets,” says Combs.

The permit rule has been around for years in the Town of Speedway and will be strictly enforced by Speedway Police during the 100th running. If Speedway Police catch someone selling an extra ticket, they will have to pay a $200.00 fine which is possibly more than the face value of the ticket itself.

“When you have anyone that comes to the track and has extra tickets and it may be because a friend did not show up for someone could not make it. You still cannot have those tickets for sale outside of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway,” says Lt. Trent Theobald of Speedway Police.

There is a way around it that stays above the law. Online sites like StubHub are offering a number of seats that are available for people to sell off or buy last minute seats.

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