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HAGERSTOWN, Ind.— A longtime teacher and coach at Hagerstown High School is accused of “inappropriate, unwanted sexual contact” with one of his students.

William T. Drake, 68, faces a Level 5 felony charge of sexual misconduct with a minor. He was arrested on an outstanding warrant when he turned himself in on Monday, July 15, 2019. He was released on bond shortly after.

William Drake (Photo provided by the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office)

The investigation began on February 28 when a 14-year-old student at Hagerstown Jr./Sr. High School told a teacher about Drake. She said he stares at her body, “specifically her butt,” while in class, and he would also look up and down her body as she spoke with him. The victim told police he did this with other students as well.

Also, she said Drake rubbed his front side on her butt in a sexual manner at the Snowball Dance, and he was “constantly touching” her an inappropriate amount prior to the dance.

The principal contacted DCS after hearing the victim’s report.

The DCS caseworker first spoke with the victim at the school, and then she spoke with Drake at the police station on March 11.

On Wednesday, March 20, the victim provided more detailed accusations about Drake during an interview with police.

She said he touched her butt every day when she left his classroom for lunch, and when she tried to rush out of class before he could touch her, he would treat her differently.

She also said during the Snowball Dance, Drake put his hands on her hips and “slowly, but aggressively, pushed his privates onto her butt.”

Sometime at the end of January, Drake told a male student to tell the victim she needed to stay after class. So she did. During this time, the victim said Drake cornered her in his classroom, held her hands to her sides, and sniffed her neck and hair.

She said he whispered to her that “he was ready to finally get her alone and was glad it was this way.”

That’s when she says Drake tried to remove her shirt, and he told her to unbutton her pants.

She said he turned her body around, pushed his body against her back, and tried to take off her pants.

She said he had his pants undone and forced her hands onto his privates, and at the same time, he tried to put his hands inside her underwear.

While this was happening, the phone rang, and it spooked Drake. That’s when she ran out of the classroom to the bathroom. She said she locked herself in a stall and vomited.

Police interviewed the student who relayed the message to the victim about staying late. He said the victim was the last person in the classroom when other students left for lunch. He said he saw the victim enter the lunchroom about 10 minutes later, and she was upset and crying.

He also said he witnessed Drake stare at the victim’s butt and touch it, but he tried to make it look accidental. Other students knew about his behavior too, and they frequently talked about it.

Parents in Hagerstown say they are disgusted by the allegations.

“He’s a teacher.  He’s got responsibility and that’s not part of it,” said Mike Newkirk.

“It’s very gross and  very degrading for the kids,” said Karen Lehman.  “Good thing it wasn’t my daughter, put it that way.  I just don’t do well with people like that.”

Police spoke with Drake on April 8 at the police station. Police told Drake about the additional allegations made against him, and he said he never touched the victim or any other students. He also said he didn’t remember the victim staying late after class.

CBS4 contacted the Nettle Creek Schools superintendent, and he said they won’t comment on personnel matters, but did confirm Drake no longer works for the district.

A biography on the Nettle Creek Schools website says Drake, who uses his middle name Tom, has been a coach at Hagerstown for 40 years. He has coached football, track, wrestling and basketball.