Logansport woman tests positive for coronavirus


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LOGANSPORT, Ind. - An Indiana native will spend the next 2 weeks in a northern California hospital after testing positive for the coronavirus.

Logansport resident, Marianne Obenchain, was one of the passengers on board the Diamond Princess cruise ship. It has been quarantined in Japan for over 2 weeks after a coronavirus outbreak. So far, over 600 passengers are infected.

On Monday, Obenchain received the news. After evacuating the ship and boarding a charter flight back to the U.S., she found out she, too, is a carrier.

WSBT-TV in South Bend spoke with Obenchain over video chat. She recalled what it was like receiving the news.

"I just kind of went numb," she explained. "I was on the verge of breaking down in tears. I did have a few running down. I'm probably sure my face looked really horrified."

Obenchain now waits in an isolated room. She claims no symptoms have shown up.

"I can be freaking out, but it’s not going to change anything but I have to be here."

Obenchain was among over 300 American passengers evacuated over the weekend.

She was also among 14 people that showed up positive for coronavirus after leaving the ship. Some were tested two to three days before the evacuation.

Health officials are concerned the virus may spread quickly among those who show no symptoms.

On Wednesday, passengers that tested negative and showed no symptoms were allowed to leave the ship and travel freely.

All the passengers that returned to the U.S. will remain in quarantine for 14 days.

Obenchain tries to remain positive.

"I’m still fine you know until that changes were still going to be fine and probably if it does change I’ll be fine."

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