Logansport elementary school closes for remainder of week due to flu

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LOGANSPORT, Ind. — Students and teachers at Fairview Elementary will have the rest of the week off to give them a chance to fight off any sickness they may have.

Logansport Community School Corporation Superintendent Michele Starkey says more than 20% of students and staff have been calling out due to flu-like symptoms.

Starkey and the local health department thought the best way to attack the virus was to cancel school the next four days. The principal agreed.

“Not only did we have kids staying home and being called out, but we had kids that were coming to school then getting sick throughout the day,” Principal Christine Hess said.

Starkey says canceling classes was the last thing anybody wanted, but it was needed.

“If we think about younger kids being together and the hand washing and touching of one another, I mean, it all makes sense,” Starkey said.

Custodial workers and staff have been sanitizing the entire building.

They’ve been wiping down every table and every desk with a special spray hospitals use.

Starkey knows making a last minute decision to cancel school can cause headaches for parents, but she’s doing it for everyone’s safety.

“Student safety is our number-one goal, and part of keeping our students safe is keeping them well also,” Starkey said.

She hopes students and staff take the next four days to fight off the flu and come back healthy.

“Hopefully, with four days out of the school and two days off on the weekend, we will get this thing nipped in the bud finally,” Starkey said.

The elementary school is the only one closed in the district due to the flu.

Starkey asks if your child is still sick on Monday, to let them stay home until the fever goes away and stays away for at least four days.

St. Michael Catholic School in Greenfield also closed for a day due to the flu.

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