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INDIANAPOLIS – Helpings veterans of all wars, that’s the mission of the VFW in your community. But many don’t understand what that means and the major impact of this organization. The Veterans of Foreign Wars continues to give back at a time, where they’re also feeling the effects of the pandemic.

At the Carmel VFW Post 10003, there’s an ongoing raffle is reaching thousands of dollars.

“We call it treasure hunt,” explained Ken Lange, the Senior Vice Commander for Carmel VFW Post 10003.

Money that’s bringing people in, so Lange can show them what the VFW stands for.

“In the past, the VFW was stereotyped as the old man’s club,” added Lange.

That’s not the case anymore. Now, the organization focuses its efforts on ceremonies, memorials to honor fallen veterans, parades and then programs to help raise money for those in need.

“It feels good,” said Lange, “Giving back and doing everything we can to help out. To get so many thankful comments from the community that just makes it even better.”

It’s the same mission for Ron Martin and Commander Rolland Craig at the Fort Harrison VFW Post 7119 in Lawrence.

“We continue to serve, after service,” said Martin.

The pandemic forced them to shut down for a while and change up plans for fundraising efforts. Now that they’ve re-opened with new guidelines, there’s a new motivation to help the Lawrence community.

“This is a rough time for a lot of folks, they’ve lost the opportunity to be with their friends,” said Martin.

Craig added, “But that biggest thing right now is trying to serve the people who have taken care of us.”

Both VFW’s want veterans of all ages to know they’re doors are open. They’re hoping younger veterans understand that they are welcomed to be apart of their efforts.

“Our veterans are getting older; we’re seeking our new veterans,” said Lange.

Martin added, “This is a time to remember, to thank our veterans and not only thank our veterans but thank the families of our veterans.”

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