Local restaurants seeing diminishing workforce pool amidst unemployment benefits


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Business is returning for Indiana restaurants, but it appears in some cases their employees are not. The Indiana Restaurant and Lodging Association (InRLA) says this is not just a local problem, but a national one.

“We are trying to find people to not only wait tables, but to be key components in our kitchens,” says Patrick Tamm, President and CEO of InRLA.

Cooks, servers, and wait staff are at times making more money off unemployment than going back to work. Currently people can get $600 extra dollars of federal unemployment, but that ends in August. It’s leaving some restaurants struggling to fill shifts or maintain proper staffing.

“We have had some people who have quit in this short period of time because we are understaffed that puts a harder workload on the current staff,” explains Ross Katz owner of Rooster’s Kitchen.

If all goes to plan, restaurants will be at full capacity in just a few short weeks Owners say they are hiring now in anticipation.

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