Local restaurants getting creative to serve customers safely as weather gets colder


INDIANAPOLIS — These days, restaurants have to get creative if they want to keep customers safe. A lot of them have outdoor dining to stay open and mitigate the spread of COVID-19, but it’s getting cold out. One local restaurant is serving guests in greenhouses.

Four greenhouses were installed at public greens in Broad Ripple recently that can hold three to four people inside at a time. Workers sanitize everything between each party, and you have a blanket inside to keep you warm.

“We have a lot of different options based on how the customer’s most comfortable,” Katie Pittman, Manager at Public Greens said. “Nice takeout options for guests who still want to eat at home, but guests who want nice dine-in options, they can come in and dine in the greenhouses… It kind of closes you in keeps you warm, keeps you safe from the elements as well as… um… any guests that are around you.”

Greenhouses have doors and a roof that can open to get some fresh air so you have good ventilation going throughout.

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