Local horse trainer facing tough sanctions and possible criminal charges

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ANDERSON, Ind. — A local horse trainer is facing some serious sanctions after witnesses say they saw him beat and kick a horse. Now, the Indiana State Police are getting involved.

The alleged incident took place back in August, but just this week, the Madison County prosecutor got word of the claims and he says this should be looked at as a criminal case.

Witnesses at the Pace Setter Farm in Anderson told the Indiana Horse Racing Commission they saw Bobby Brower train a horse until he fell out, then beat and kicked the horse. More than three months later, the commission is recommending Brower has his horse racing license suspended for 15 years and pay a $40,000 fine.

“When the organization that supervises this industry comes down with such a heavy penalty you know this is a serious act,” Madison County Prosecutor, Rodney Cummings said.

Cummings has now turned the case over to state police to investigate further. The racing commission also says Brower threatened witnesses who asked him to stop beating the horse.

“There was never a criminal investigation. The allegation is ran the horse until it collapsed and beat and kicked the horse after it was down that sounds, the allegation is pretty severe so it’s worthy of at least the police looking into it,” Cummings said.

We talked to Brower over the phone.

“We trained the horse and brought him in,” said Brower. “He slipped on the pavement because it was wet because the horses been sweating on it and he slipped and fell.”

He went on to say witnesses blew the incident out of proportion and a vet checked the horse out and the horse was fine. He says he has an attorney and plans to fight the allegations.

Reports on Browers license go back to the 1990s with claims of drug violations with the horses and disorderly conduct.  It’s important to note no charges have been filed at this time. But it’s possible Brower could face a misdemeanor or felony if state police believe the case warrants it.

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