Local fathers create social network for parents to keep them in the know with teenagers

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(Sept. 21, 2015) — A new website is keeping parents in the know when it comes to what their kids are doing online and in the community. Two local dads created the website carefulparents.com as a way for parents to share dangerous activity their children could be involved in.

From gangs, to drugs, to video games–the website is the hub for all things teenager.

“Some of the things that we saw in terms of kids using the e-cigarettes to vaporize marijuana, things I would have no idea about,” said site co-creator John Michels.

A Fishers father of two, Michels and a family friend had the idea to create the site after learning about the Slender Man case out of Wisconsin in which two girls are accused of stabbing their friend 19 times as a way to impress the online character.

“As I was watching the story I was thinking to myself how do parents keep up in today’s world with what their kids are doing. Whether it be online or through texting or different phone apps,” said Michels.

The site has been up and running for a month and already 70 members are sharing alerts for other parents.

“The idea behind the site is more or less to make it kind of a cross between Pinterest and Wikipedia so all the content is driven by the members.”

Although John’s children are younger, he says they’ll reach the age when they start to engage in the digital world. While the goal for some kids is for their parents not to know what they’re up to, this online community is here to help parents stay ahead of hidden dangers.

“It’s crazy stuff out there that they can get their hands on and it so accessible to them so I think it’s really important for parents to educate themselves and stay aware. I know for kids it’s probably uncool for their parents to know all this stuff but I think it’s a necessity really.”

The site creators say the next step is to create an app so parents can have access to this information on the go. The site is free to use.

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