Local doctors treating more patients for hoverboard injuries


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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (February 10, 2016)- Doctors in central Indiana are seeing an uptick in patients dealing with hoverboard injuries.

Lots of kids, and adults, are now trying to figure out how to work the popular Christmas gift.

On Christmas Day one Indianapolis ER treated seven patients with broken wrists from hoverboard falls.

“Many of those patients are injuring them so severely that we need to surgically correct the break in the radius bone,” said Dr. Jeffrey Greenberg, a surgeon at the Indiana Hand to Shoulder Center.

Doctors say most of the hoverboard injuries they’re seeing right now happen when people lose their balance, begin to fall and then put their hands out to catch themselves.

That’s exactly what happened to Chantel Padgett when she tried to ride the hoverboard she got her son for Christmas.

Padgett is now in a cast and is looking at a three month recovery.

“It’s been horrible, I can’t open any jars. I’m right handed, but I need my left hand to do a lot of things. So it’s very aggravating to not have my left hand to do things,” said Padgett.

How can you make sure the same thing doesn’t happen to you?

Here are some hoverboard safety tips:

  • Wear wrist braces, elbow and knee pads
  • Consider wearing a helmet when riding
  • Start off riding on a carpeted surface
  • Have someone spot you as you learn to ride the hoverboard



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