Local doctor warns expectant mothers of COVID-19 risks


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — One group doctors are watching closely during the coronavirus pandemic is expectant mothers and their babies. Right now, the Centers for Control and Prevention says they don’t know if pregnant women have a greater chance of getting sick from COVID-19 than the general public.

Locally, Dr. Cameual Wright, the Market Medical Director at CareSource Indiana, says expectant moms need to stay in contact with their doctors. Anyone who notices symptoms of coronavirus, like fever or dry cough, should call their OBGYN right away.

“Stay home as much as possible,” Dr. Wright said. “If there are errands or other duties that need to be done, try to delegate those to other family members.”

Early data from the CDC shows transmission from mother-to-child during pregnancy is unlikely. But they found newborns are susceptible to person-to-person spread. A small number of newborns have tested positive for coronavirus, though it’s not known if the virus was contracted before or after birth.

“The current thinking is that it cannot be passed on from mom to baby,” said Dr. Wright. “We do know, however, that babies have very immature immune systems, and they are susceptible to disease. So, after a baby is born, we want to be sure that we are taking every effort to protect that baby.”

Dr. Wright said, for now, skip gender reveal parties, baby showers and visiting newborns. Instead, opt for virtual visits.

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