Local boxer works to defy odds, competes for youth world title

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind-- With a knockout punch and a 10-0 record, Curtis Hill Jr. is working to defy the odds.

Curtis is a young boxer from Indy’s east side. Currently he’s preparing to compete for the WBC Youth Light Heavyweight title. To win the title would certainly be a big step for his career, however, Curtis says a win would also carry with some added weight.

“That’ll be a big step for me. And I want to encourage other people that they can do the same thing I did,” he said.

Being from the east side of town Curtis says he knows that many people wouldn’t expect him to amount to much. And while it would have been easy for Curtis to fall into the same traps many, including some of his friends, have found themselves in; he’s on a quest to be more than a statistic.

"And next thing you know they’re dead, and you’re like wow! Its like either a gunshot or the wrong place at the wrong time”

Curtis’ trainer and mentor, Cedric Johnson. is helping him along that journey.

“I saw that he could be more, I saw that he could be more,” Cedric said.

Cedric, who is a former pro fighter turned trainer/promoter, has trained and mentored Curtis since he was 17. Cedric says he makes sure Curtis stays on the “straight and narrow “making sure he stays away from the things that can sidetrack his life and career aspirations. Curtis even sleeps at Cedric’s house whenever the need arises.

“That’s the main goal, to change his life.  And to give back and help others and hope he follows my foot prints and does the same thing for somebody else,” Cedric said.

Cedric and Curtis train on a daily basis. Cedric won’t accept anything but full discipline and commitment.  While he says bringing home the WBC Youth Light Heavyweight title belt might catapult Curtis to stardom, he knows his biggest battle has already been fought, and won.

“These young kids are looking for a way, and it just takes a moment of hey man, let me sit down with you, rap with you, talk to you, make sure you’re doing OK, what do you want to change? “

Curtis and Cedric leave for Texas and the title fight next Wednesday. Curtis’ match is set for August 19th

For more information on Curtis, Cedric and the title fight, you can visit this website.

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