INDIANAPOLIS — One local organization is looking to make the transition for children going into foster care a little bit smoother.

Isaiah 117 House is building a space to give kids somewhere to go while they wait to be placed in foster care after leaving their homes. The organization held a large fundraiser Saturday for their cause, setting up lemonade stands throughout Marion County.

“Obviously being removed is a traumatic day to begin with, so anything we can do on that day to make it a little less traumatic will be good for children in the long run,” said volunteer Alexis Carrier. “So we’re really hoping this changes the way their foster care journey begins.”

Proceeds from the lemonade stands will all go directly toward running Isaiah 117 House. Once renovations on the house are finished, there will be bedrooms, clean clothes and other essentials.

“It will be a house where kids can relax and get a meal and a shower before they go to their next phase,” said Carrier. “This really eliminates the need for them to spend time in an office and in an uncomfortable setting and it should reduce trauma on removal day.”

Isaiah 117 House will also have space for volunteers to look after the children while waiting for something more permanent. For more information on the organization’s efforts, click here.