INDIANAPOLIS — A class action lawsuit has been filed against Republic Recycling in an effort to recover damages for customers with missed recycling pickups.

Indianapolis-based Cohen & Malad, LLC initially filed the lawsuit to represent Marion County residents. However, the law firm has since indicated its intention to include all customers of Republic Recycling across the Hoosier state.

The law firm said Republic Recycling has attempted to file multiple motions challenging the validity of making the lawsuit statewide.

The law firm’s full statement on the class action lawsuit can be found below:

Cohen & Malad has filed a class action lawsuit against Republic Recycling to recover payments for missed customer pickups. Initially filed on behalf of Marion County residents, the case now seeks to recover damages for all Republic Recycling customers throughout Indiana.

Republic has filed several unsuccessful motions challenging the ability of the case to go forward on a statewide basis. Cohen & Malad is now preparing to seek formal certification of a statewide class action lawsuit on behalf of all Hoosiers who paid Republic for recycling services it failed to provide.

Cohen & Malad, LLC

This is not the first time paying customers have expressed frustration about their trash and recycling bins taking weeks to be emptied, as multiple residents in Indianapolis, Avon, Shelbyville, Brownsburg and Mooresville reported similar concerns earlier this year in January.

Before that, multiple homeowners and apartment complexes complained about the accumulation of trash as Republic Recycling navigated staffing concerns in August 2021.

The law firm encouraged any current or past Republic Recycling customers who did not have their recycling picked up on one or more occasions to contact its class action law team at 317-636-6481.