Lawrence police officer collaborates with Pacers to find shoes for homeless man


Homeless man receiving shoes from officer

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LAWRENCE, Ind. (April 8, 2016) – A reserve officer with the Lawrence Police Department got some help from the Indiana Pacers to give a homeless man a new pair of shoes.

The officer had come to know the man that frequents the Pendleton Pike and I-465 area. Officers say he is easily recognizable because he is around seven feet tall.

On one of the occasions that the officer interacted with the man, he noticed his shoes were torn up and barely hanging together. The officer asked him his shoe size, which was a size 17.

The officer wanted to help, so he searched online for a pair of shoes that size, but came up short. The officer figured that one of the only places a shoe that size would be found would be in the NBA, so he contacted the Indiana Pacers and explained the situation.

The Pacers graciously donated a pair of size 17 shoes that were made for a former player.

The officer picked up the shoes Thursday and delivered them and other essential items to the homeless man.

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