Lawrence Police look to keep you safe this Christmas


LAWRENCE, Ind– Santa’s not the only one working hard this Christmas Day.

For many of you, Christmas was spent celebrating with friends and family, and enjoying a home-cooked meal.

But for first responders and police departments, the work doesn’t stop just because it’s a holiday.

“Some years it is slow. Other times we have a lot of domestics. You just never know, so you always just have to be ready and alert,” said Sgt. Matthew Miller of the Lawrence Police Department.

For more than 15 years, he has worked the holiday along side other officers and first responders.

“Any day, any type of run, you just don’t know,” he said.

Today’s shift started out with a disturbance call from a woman complaining someone had shattered her house window.

“It’s probably over a drug debt. She’s a known drug user, although she’s been clean a few months,” he explained “Officers will go take a report then forward it to detectives for further investigation.”

The next call was to provide backup for another officer, who was suspicious of a vehicle sitting outside several closed businesses.

“He said he pulled over because he was looking at GPS on his phone,” Sgt. Miller explained.

It’s a career that requires a certain kind of dedication, but one that comes with so many rewards.

“I’ve had people come back and tell me thank you for helping me and my family and that’s just a great feeling.”

After his shift, Sgt. Miller says he plans to spend some time with family and friends celebrating the holiday, then will be back at work bright and early again tomorrow morning.

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