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LAWRENCE, Ind.  — Police in Lawrence confirm a deadly shooting earlier this month involves an underage shooter.

The homicide took place Nov. 5 on Sadlier Drive in a neighborhood along 46th Street.

Witnesses claimed the victim’s car was parked in the street for several minutes before the shooting took place.

After the shooting, the juvenile who allegedly pulled the trigger ran away on foot, but that teen has since been identified and interviewed by police.

“What we’re going through is unimaginable. I mean there’s so much grief and we don’t have all the answers into why this happened,” said the victim’s sister Correena Washington.

Washington said the victim is her 18-year-old brother, William Maxie III, who leaves behind a young son.

Family approved picture of William Maxie III

Although the details remain under investigation, Lawrence police still believe the violence began with an attempted robbery.

“The information about the robbery is all we really got from the police. So we don’t have any more details about what truly happened,” said Washington.

One neighbor who spoke to us earlier this month after witnessing the shooting described how two young men stepped out of the car and got into an argument. That led to two shots being fired and a woman driving the car sped forward half a block before waiting for police to arrive.

“They said some words to each other I couldn’t hear and then one man shot the other and that’s when the car took off,” said neighbor Rhonda Whittington.

Police now believe the person who pulled the trigger is a juvenile. Officers interviewed that teen but no arrests have been made and detectives are waiting on a charging decision by prosecutors.

William’s family said they’ll worry about the legal fight after they’ve laid the victim to rest.

“Our main concern is on the funeral and making sure he has a good burial. We know justice will come. We don’t know when, but we stay hopeful,” said Washington.

The family has organized a GoFundMe account to help pay for funeral expenses.

Police said they have identified everyone involved in the case, but as always if anyone has additional information to share they can still contact the Lawrence Police Department.