LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ind. — A Lawrence County woman faces charges after police said she stripped down in the street and spat on another woman.

The Lawrence County Police Department said the arrest comes after two boys found Dara Hagemier lying completely naked in the middle of the road while driving home Tuesday. When one of the boys told her to get out of the road, court documents state she told him that she was going to rape him.

The boys called their mother, who arrived at the scene to find her still naked in the middle of the road. A probable cause affidavit states Hagemier told the boys’ mother to undress and join her in the road to dance. She also reportedly made another comment about the boys in front of their mother.

At some point, the mother reached down to get Hagemier up or move her. In response, the document states Hagemier spat on her. The woman said she never touched or put hands on Hagemier.

When police arrived, it was dark outside with no streetlights. This area is a hillcrest, and Hagemier would have not been visible while lying in the roadway, the document details. Police said she would have been in extreme danger of being hit by a vehicle if it was traveling at the speed limit or faster.

One of the officers who responded, Sergeant Brandon Blackwell, said he immediately recognized Hagemier from numerous interactions with her over his law enforcement career. At the time, she was on parole for battery with bodily injury to a public safety officer.

The document states the officer saw Hagemier dancing before walking out of the road into the grass. The officer said at that time, Hagemier was clothed but was unsteady on her feet.

Hagemier said she used to live in a house in the area that burnt and claimed she lived at the address of the yard she was in, the officer said. The document states she was speaking rapidly and was making jerky, involuntary movements.

While talking with the mother, the document states, Sgt. Blackwell learned the family has been having issues with Hagemier in the last couple of days. During this conversation, two other officers on the scene put Hagemier into custody. She told the officers she was going to go in the house, so they detained her to prevent that from happening, per the document.

Hagemier was taken to the Lawrence County Security Center on preliminary charges of battery by bodily waste and public intoxication. The document states the officer requested a review of charges for public nudity as he didn’t witness her in this state during his time on the scene.

Hagemier appeared in court Friday for the initial hearing. During the hearing, the court found that she was not understanding and appointed a public defender to represent her. A pretrial conference is set for June 29.