CLINTON COUNTY, Ind. — Prosecutors have charged a Lafayette man for allegedly blackmailing an underage girl with a video of them having sex by threatening to post it online if he did not receive money.

Jefferey Crouch, 18, has been charged by Clinton County prosecutors with counts of child exploitation and possession of child pornography.

The victim reportedly told prosecutors that she was being exploited by Crouch and two other individuals on June 30. FOX59 is not naming the other two individuals identified in the court records as there is no indication they have been charged or arrested at this time.

The victim and Crouch allegedly had sex in a vehicle in Clinton County earlier in June, according to court records. Crouch was 17 years old at the time.

The victim told investigators that she was unaware that another individual had allegedly recorded the sexual act between her and Crouch. Once Crouch was made aware of the video, he allegedly demanded $250 in cash from the victim or that she provide him with electronics from inside her home.

The victim received these messages through Snapchat accounts tied to Crouch and two other individuals, court records state.

If she didn’t comply, Crouch threatened to upload the video online and on Snapchat.

Court records document another situation involving the victim, Crouch and one of Crouch’s friends. Court records said the victim was naked inside a vehicle with only a towel as a cover. Crouch allegedly attempted to take the towel away from the victim while recording, according to court records.

The victim tried to keep hold of the towel to avoid being completely uncovered. Crouch responded by allegedly telling the victim that they would “abandon her in a cornfield in the middle of nowhere and said she would die there.”

The Clinton County Sheriff’s Office subsequently obtained a search warrant to search through the Snapchat accounts connected to Crouch and two other individuals.

The videos detailing the sex act between Crouch and the victim as well as the incident with the towel were located in the Snapchat accounts.

A jury trial has been scheduled on Nov. 13 in Clinton Circuit Court.