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KOKOMO, Ind. – A Kokomo man was arrested for trying to rob a postal worker on Monday afternoon.

At around 1:45, a 23-year-old woman was delivering mail on the north side of the city when she was attacked.

“We just don’t need that in this neighborhood,” said neighbor Susan Shackelford.

Police say Elisha Graham approached the postal worker several times throughout her route, demanding a package. The postal worker refused to give Graham the package, which was addressed to a vacant home. When she went back to her truck, she told police Graham grabbed her and put a knife to her back.

“Certainly, this in uncommon, this is not the norm. I mean, in 30 years I’ve been in law enforcement we’ve never had anything like this happen to a postal carrier,” said Tonda Cockrell, captain with Kokomo Police Department.

Police say Graham looked through the truck, trying to find the package. He was unsuccessful and took off. The postal worker called 911 and gave police a good description of the suspect and the vehicle.

“In general, be aware of your surroundings and be aware of things that seem off. Be observant like she was. She was very persistent and very diligent about the observations she made about this man,” said Captain Cockrell.

It only took a few hours for police to find Graham a few blocks away, hiding in a home.

“It’s scary to be in the middle of the daylight. You don’t think anybody is going to do something like that in the day,” said neighbor Brian Shackelford.

Investigators say the package was sent from out of state, a state considered a “target state.” Detectives are not yet releasing what was inside the small package.

“It was something they weren’t supposed to have. They wouldn’t have pulled a knife to try and get it,” said Brian Shackelford.

Thankfully, the 23-year-old woman wasn’t hurt. Neighbors say she was new to this route.

“I am very sorry this happened to you, especially in our neighborhood because it’s really not a bad neighborhood,” Susan said.

Graham is facing felony attempted robbery charges. Police tell FOX 59 could be more charges, including on a federal level.