Kokomo leaders being proactive about crime in neighborhoods

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KOKOMO, Ind. — Crime in the community has concerned Kokomo residents. That is why they say they are glad community leaders are stepping up by starting their own TenPoint Coalition’s model.

“At almost at any given time during the evening and nighttime hours; early morning multiple gunshots can be heard; fired,” Bishop Charles Glenn said.

Gunshots are not a sound Bishop Glenn says he grew up hearing. That has changed recently. Last month Kokomo had its 4th homicide of the year.

“This is a small town and those things are extremely visible here in Kokomo,” Bishop Glenn said.

Glenn says it’s going to take community leaders like local pastor Jack Woodard and Zo Smith to step up and change the lives of people involved in illegal activities.

“We’ve got a lot of people coming here now from out of Kokomo coming from bigger states and cities and they are coming in with a big city mentality,” local pastor Jack Woodard said.

“We have these people who will lead them, and you can talk to them. They speak their language and they are able to speak to them in a manner that I may not be able to talk to them,” Bishop Glenn said.

It’s easier said than done.

“The streets have a way of calling you and it has a way of connecting you with whatever emptiness that may be in oneself,” Zo Smith said.

Both Jack Woodard and Zo Smith lived a different life than they do now.

They both credit their faith and life experiences for helping them turn their lives around

They say it’s going to take dedication and a plan to change the crime habits in Kokomo.

“If we can find something better for them to do then they will be glad to do it and they don’t have to worry about going to jail,” Woodard said.

In their eyes adopting TenPoint Coalition’s model is a step in the right direction.

“We’re trying to be proactive to get back to a place where this is a safe community so we can raise our children,” Bishop Glenn said.

Bishop Glenn plans to have a peace march next month.

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