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KOKOMO, Ind.- Gas prices are hitting a record high. In some parts of our state, gas is already over $5 a gallon. Some lucky drivers in Kokomo got a bit of relief when a local business pumped their gas then paid for it.

“Gas is ridiculous right now,” said Erika Washington.

Every day the owner of Woody’s Food Mart in Kokomo changes the price on his sign.

“Up again? It’s up 30 cents from yesterday and it does it all the time. (It) goes down real slow, goes up real fast,” said Mike Wood, owner of Woody’s Food Mart.

Employees with Indiana Heartland Federal Credit Union pumped $25 worth of gas for the first 100 vehicles. The giveaway started at 4 o’clock. Drivers started lining up at 2:45.

“This is our first time doing this so we really didn’t know what to expect. It just shows people are struggling right now and could really use any help that they can get,” says Mary James, employee with Indiana Heartland Federal Credit Union.

Driver after driver pulled up to the pump and pulled out without paying a dollar.

“I was happy. I started counting the cars when I came through the line so I was like okay I think I can make it,” said Juawana Smiley, a Kokomo driver.

Drivers tell us these prices are shifting their decisions.

“Basically, driving is only need to be basis, not doing anything extra,” said Erika Washington, a Kokomo driver.

According to Triple A, the national average for a gallon of gas is $4.67. The average in Indiana is a bit higher at $4.76. Porter County is the highest in the state at $5.25.

“The reality of it is, I think it is going to even get more expensive,” said Washington.

Instead of the normal frustrations after filling up, those 100 customers who waited it out not only scored some free fuel but also recognized the generous act.

“I really appreciate it,” said Smiley.

Indiana Heartland Federal Credit Union says it’s not ruling out another gas giveaway. No date has been set.