Knozone Action Day for central Indiana on Thursday as heat, humidity increase


INDIANAPOLIS – It’s the first Knozone Action Day of the year for central Indiana. It’s in effect for the more than a dozen counties, including Marion County.

During these days, the air quality may become unhealthy for sensitive individuals, especially active children, the elderly, and anyone suffering from lung disease or other serious health problems.

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management made the decision based on ground-level ozone values that “continue to trend upward.”

Every day, and especially on Knozone Action Days, state officials ask everyone to reduce their contribution to ground-level ozone through these actions: reduce vehicle idling, including when in drive-thru lanes or picking up carry-out; use active forms of transportation (walking, biking, carpooling, or public transportation); fill gas tanks and mow after 7 p.m.; combine errands to reduce number of trips; and delay use of garden, household, and workshop chemicals until air has returned to healthy levels.

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