Kellogg recalls variety of snacks over fears of peanut-residue contamination


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Kellogg Co. joined competitors on Tuesday in recalling a variety of cookies and brownies because of fears of peanut-residue contamination with no warning on the label.

The company stressed it was a voluntary and precautionary recall for products associated with a flour mill in Georgia.

“While consumers with severe peanut allergies should avoid the recalled products, the FDA has stated that the amount of peanut exposure from the flour is low and not expected to cause adverse health effects in the vast majority of peanut allergic consumers,” said the company, based in Battle Creek, Michigan. “The company has received no reports of related illness to date.”

The company released a list of recalled treats from its Keebler, Famous Amos, Kellogg’s Special K, Mother’s and Murray lines.

The cookies and brownies were associated with flour company Grain Craft, which recalled wheat flour that had the potential to contain peanut residue.

About 2% of adults in the United States and 5% of children suffer from food allergies, according to the Food and Drug Administration. Food allergies result in an estimated 30,000 emergency room visits each year and 150 Americans die from allergic reactions annually.

Recalled products:

Description (Retail) UPC Code Size Better If Used Before Date
Keebler® Gripz® Variety On the Go Pack 30100 10525 14 Count DEC 09 16 thru DEC 11 16
Keebler® Gripz® Grahams Cinnamon 300501 0.9 oz. JAN 07 17
Keebler® Chips Deluxe® Gripz® Mighty Tiny Chocolate Chip Cookies 300031 0.9 oz. JAN 08 17
Keebler® Animals Crackers 2.4 oz. Cup 30100 10850 2.4 oz. Cup DEC 19 16 thru Jan 04 17
Keebler® E.L. Fudge® Double Stuffed Sandwich Cookies 30100 20363 12.0 oz. JAN 06 2017 thru JAN 08 2017
Keebler® Mini Sandies® Shortbread Cookies 30100 73970 1.0 oz. DEC 30 16
Keebler® Cookie Dough Minis 30100 10902 2.5 oz. Jan 02 17
Keebler® Disney Frozen Graham Snacks Cinnamon On the Go Caddy 30100 10955 12 count JAN 05 17; JAN 20 17 thru JAN 21 17
Keebler® Disney Frozen Graham Snacks Cinnamon 2.2 oz. Cup 30100 10957 2.2 oz. Cup JAN 06 17
Famous Amos® Chocolate Chip cookies 2.7 oz. Cup 76677 10033 2.7 oz. Cup DEC 11 16; DEC 14 16 thru DEC 15 16
Famous Amos® Cookies Chocolate Chip cookies 12.4 oz. 76677 54104 12.4 oz. JAN 11 17 thru JAN 13 17
Famous Amos® Double Chocolate Chip cookies 76677 10060 12.4 oz. JAN 04 17 thru JAN 05 17
Famous Amos® Chocolate Chip Pecan cookies 76677 54107 12.4 oz. JAN 14 17
Kellogg’s® Special K® Mini Brownies Blondie 38000 73819 6 count JAN 01 2017 thru JAN 02 2017
Kellogg’s® Special K® Mini Brownies Fudge 38000 76434 6 count JAN 03 2017
Mother’s® Double Chocolate Chip Minis Cookies 27800 10012 12 oz. JAN 05 17
Murray® Ginger Snaps Old Fashioned Ginger Cookies 82011 10007 16 oz. JAN 01 17; JAN 04 17
Keebler® Honey Grahams 30100 38406 200 count DEC 31 16 thru JAN 02 17
Keebler® Honey Grahams 30100 20248 30 count DEC 31 16 thru JAN 03 17
Keebler® Graham Cracker Crumbs 30100 15347 160 oz. DEC 31 16
Keebler® Premium Whole Chocolate Crèmes 30100 45953 25 lbs. JAN 01 17
Keebler® Animal Totes 30100 49509 400 lbs. JUN 01 16
Keebler® Graham Cracker Crumbs 30100 16154 400 oz. DEC 31 16

Related recalls

The recall follows a similar one by Frito-Lay, which last week called back some of its Rold Gold brand pretzels, including Tiny Twists, Thins, Sticks and Honey Wheat Braided.

Frito-Lay’s action came on the heels of a recall by Hostess Brands the week before of 71,000 cases of its snack cakes — including Ding Dongs and Zinger snacks — and doughnuts.

Both companies said their recalls were prompted by a flour recall in April by Grain Craft. The flour company detected peanut residue in some wheat flour that came from a mill in Georgia, a state where peanuts are also grown.

Grain Craft said at the time it didn’t use any peanut products in its plants and the recall showed the problem of “agricultural cross-contact, which is the result of customary methods of growing, harvesting and shipping of wheat and other agricultural products.”

Hostess said at the time it was aware of two allergic reactions resulting from its recalled products. As of last week, Frito-Lay said it was not aware of any adverse reactions related to the recalled products.

In April, CSM Bakery announced a recall of its 8-inch single-layer red velvet cake sold at Safeway stores. It also recalled 12-inch decorated chocolate chip cookies sold at Acme and Jewel stores because of the flour mill.

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