Keeping you safe during the snow storm

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Feb. 28, 2015) — Now that the snow is falling across central Indiana, road conditions are going to get worse in a hurry. Salt trucks from the Indianapolis Department of Public Works were out during the day on Saturday spreading a thin layer of salt in preparation for the storm.

It started almost exactly as our Weather Authority meteorologists said it would. Just before 7 p.m. is when we saw the first few bursts of snow. The flakes didn’t stick at the onset, likely because of those pre-treating efforts.

“It’ll make it easier for our drivers as they’re plowing to move that snow off the roadway,” said Scott Manning, spokesman for the Department of Public Works.

As is with any snow storm in our area, DPW will have 90 drivers working rotating shifts throughout the duration of the storm, a storm that is hitting on the weekend, just like the last one.

“We see traffic volumes tend to be a little bit lighter on the weekends so that gives our drivers a chance to work those routes a little more quickly,” Manning said.

We found the positive-thinking Danita Kirtley filling her car with gas at the Rickers BP station on West 71st Street near 465.

“We’re still very blessed here, considering what everybody else has gotten,” Kirtley said.

Her Sunday church plans may have to be postponed because of the snow, though she’s waiting until the morning to decide for sure. In the meantime, she’s ready for some better weather.

“Sunshine and blue skies,” she shouted.

The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) also has hundreds of trucks in central Indiana and about 1,000 statewide that can be shifted to areas that see more snow. Those drivers will work alternating 12 hour shifts.

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