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FRANKLIN, Ind. — Johnson Memorial Health’s CEO says they are seeing the highest volumes through the emergency department they have seen in some time.

Dr. David Dunkle, President and CEO of Johnson Memorial Health says the hospital has been on diversion more days than not over the last 3-4 weeks. The situation has gotten to the point that they called in members of the Indiana National Guard for assistance.

The team of six members is able to help do things like take care of patients, do vital signs, monitor patients, change rooms over, and clean rooms. Dunkle says they appreciate the assistance but could use more.

“I would welcome more help,” said Dunkle. “I mean, we’re just struggling.”

Dunkle said they are seeing a steady increase in the number of patients. They received three additional ventilators from the state, but Dunkle worries that there is only so much supplies to go around.

“That’s scary when you see people deteriorating. It’s not just people on the ventilators, we have a lot of people on high flow oxygen and you know that could quickly deteriorate, said Dunkle. “It’s it’s a scary situation, and again, we’re not the only hospital that’s facing this right now.”

Dunkle also recognizes that they are not the only ones that are struggling.

“We’re not the only ones hurting, and there’s only so many resources to go around, and I appreciate the Guard. They’ve been fantastic, but we’re not the only hospital to need help and so so we’re very lucky to have six people,” said Dunkle. Could I use 12 people 18 people? Sure I could. It’s all hands on deck.”