Jogger snaps picture of two teen boys who reportedly groped her on the Monon Trail

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Carmel, IND. – Carmel Police are looking for two teen boys who groped a female jogger on the Monon Trail.  Police say the victim’s quick thinking after the attack gave officers the information they needed to crack the case.

“She was able to take a picture of them with her cell phone. That helped identify the suspects. Again, our detectives are working hard on the case and I think they have a lead,” says Carmel Police Lt. Joe Bickel.

The victim says the two teens were biking on the trail when they saw her jogging.  Both boys reportedly stopped their bikes and ran after her. That is when the victim says the boys wrapped their arms around her tightly, until she began screaming for help.

“She said stop it, get away from me. Then they took off,” says Lt. Bickel.

Before the suspects got away, the victim grabbed her cell phone and took a picture of the teens.  She then called police and told them about the incident.

“The suspects have a possibility of facing a battery charge. The unwanted touching of a person is still considered a crime,” says Lt. Joe Bickel.

Officers say the picture played a huge role in solving the case. After Carmel Police posted the picture, several tips rolled in and officers have been able to track the suspect’s down.

Carmel Police say the victim was able to get away unharmed, but know the groping incident could have ended much differently.  Police say this incident serves as a reminder to stay alert and avoid traveling alone.

“Be aware of your surroundings.  Having your cell phone with you would be great, because if you see something you can call police,” says Lt. Bickel.

At this time Carmel Police do not believe the two teen suspects are connected to other attacks on the Monon Trail.

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