Indiana University police officer saves 3-year-old girl on his wedding day in Florida


Officer John O’Rourke.

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SANFORD, FL – An Indiana University-Indianapolis police officer had himself quite a Tuesday on March 28.

On his wedding day, officer John O’Rourke decided to get some breakfast at “Donuts to Go” in the Orlando area. What happened next put his skills to the test just hours before he was going to be married.

While standing in line, he noticed something going on in the dining area and realized a 3-year-old girl was having a seizure. Nobody had called medical assistance, so O’Rourke instructed bystanders to call 911 and then he began performing rescue breathing.

After rescue breathing and chest compressions, the 3-year-old girl was brought back to consciousness and paramedics arrived.

O’Rourke then took his box of donuts out to his car, which the store gave him for free as a token of appreciation.

“I just sat in my car, for about 20 minutes, processing everything,” he said. “It had to be a donut shop…you can’t make this up.”

Officer O’Rourke and his bride, Virginia, married later that day.

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