BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — An IU student has been arrested in connection to a woman being attacked at a dorm on campus.

Police say on the evening of January 16, the victim was at Birch Hall when someone reported a male voice screaming in a nearby room.

According to court documents, the woman said no one came to the door for several minutes so she used a master key to enter the locked room. Inside, she found Kalp Patel slumped over his desk. She called an ambulance for a possible drug overdose.

She told investigators that Patel then jumped up “out of nowhere,” threw her to the ground and got on top of her.

Patel then reportedly put his hands around the victim’s neck and tried to strangle her while also trying to tear her clothes off. The victim said Patel told her she needed to have sex with him.

After fighting him off for what the woman described as “several minutes,” police arrived and forcibly removed Patel from her, according to court documents.

Patel was taken to the hospital to be checked out for the potential overdose. A probable court affidavit showed he was released after blowing a .000 on a preliminary breath test.

Investigators say Patel told them earlier that night at a friend’s apartment, he had taken two gummy bears that he thought were Delta 8 gummies.

Patel said he began to “freak out” when he got back to his place and was throwing items around and screaming.

Court documents show Patel told investigators everything appeared to be a dream. When asked if there was a woman in his “dream,” he at first said he didn’t know before saying yes.

Patel reportedly told police he fell on top of the woman and was trying to “have fun” with her. He said in his dream, the woman was trying to get away, but he was holding her down.

According to court documents, Patel said he did not feel normal during the attack and saw random shapes appear and disappear, including what he described as “two gangsters.”

He then said he remembered two police officers coming into the room and taking him away.

Patel was arrested and charged with attempted rape, strangulation, and criminal confinement.

It is still unclear what or if any drugs were taken by Patel before the attack.