IU School of Medicine releases record-setting research trend

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- IU School of Medicine is using a record-breaking amount of funding to research devastating illnesses.

Officials have announced, the school was awarded $189 million to use for medical research from the National Institute of Health (NIH) in 2019. That's $40 million more than it received the previous year.

Jay Hess, the Dean of the Indiana University School of Medicine, says a lot of that research is bringing better care to patients here, in Indiana.

"They don't have to travel," Hess said. "They can get leading care right here."

One of those patients is nine-year-old Grant Harding. Grant was part of a treatment trial after he was diagnosed with an acute form of leukemia just after turning two

Grant's parents learned about the trial from doctors at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health. They chose to have Grant take part in the study because it felt like the right thing to do, they said. Not only for Grant, but for future kids who would be diagnosed after him.

Grant's dad, David Harding, said, "Today, you would not know that Grant went through any chemo treatment at all."

In Grant's own words, he's "as healthy as can be".

David Harding said, he thinks a lot of that has to do with the research that's been done.

In the 1960s, almost all the children with diseases like the acute lymphoblastic leukemia that Grant has have died. "Now, almost all of them are cured," said Jay Hess, "the cures that we're seeing in diseases like childhood cancer now are absolutely amazing, and they all arise from research."

It's that research, like the trial Grant went through, that Hess believes makes the IU School of Medicine one of the leaders in the country.

This is the fourth year in a row the School of Medicine has broken records in funding. It's bumped the school up in ranks from 16th to 14th out of 92 public medical schools -- and with it comes more jobs in biotechnology, more money invested into the state, and more research happening in Indiana.

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