IU Greek students and parents concerned about future of their housing


BLOOMINGTON, Ind.  – IU Greek students and their parents are concerned about what the future holds for them after university officials recommended Greek houses close.

“I feel as though the university is discriminating against the students who have chosen to be in the Greek system,” IU Alum Bobby Geber said.

“I understand this perception. Believe me, if we found it in another part of the university, we would be turning up the testing on that segment too,” IU’s VP for Strategic Partnerships Kirk White said.

Bobby Gerber is not only an IU alum, but a parent to a student living in housing on Greek Row.

He said his daughter and other Greek life students are worried about what’s going to happen next.

“She was so upset yesterday she doesn’t know where she will be living. She doesn’t have that stability she should have and is very concerned,” Gerber said.

On Thursday, the university recommended students living in these houses possibly find alternative housing.

Officials say many of the houses aren’t set up properly for students to quarantine.

“My daughter’s sorority reduced their capacity by almost 50 percent. Made quarantine rooms in their house. I mean they’re doing everything right,” Gerber explained.

“There will be some houses [that] can successfully and truly isolate students and there will be houses that simply don’t have those means,” Monroe County Health Department Administrator Penny Caudill said.

Both the university and the health department say their goal isn’t’ to worry the students but keep them safe.

Gerber just hopes officials will come up with a plan that won’t require Greek houses to close.

“These kids are students of the university too. They’re paying tuition like everybody else. There’s no reason this should have been a coordinated effort,” Gerber said.

The health department says they haven’t issued any violations and their intent isn’t to issue any.

They just want to work with the Greek students to come up with a solution to stop the spread of COVID-19.

The university can help students find housing if they choose to relocate. 

Officials say students should reach out to the Dean of Student’s Office and they have resources online.

For more information, click here.

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