‘It’s every night’: Camera catches thieves stealing from Putnam County non-profit

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GREENCASTLE, Ind. - Thieves target a non-profit group that collects items for homeless pets.  It was all caught-on camera this weekend.  Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Rescued Treasures in Putnam County has caught suspects stealing donations.

The organization Rescued Treasures says enough is enough.  Without the donations to the thrift store, there’s no animal shelter. And unfortunately, the stealing is just getting worse.

Sandra Grimes says it’s now personal.

“They’re filling their totes and their bags,” she said.

Grimes is the President of the Humane Society of Putnam County.  She’s also the manager of Rescued Treasures, a volunteer thrift store.

Her store has become a hot target for thieves.  The store collects donations of clothes, toys, household items, furniture, books and much more. Then, Rescued Treasures resells the items at a very discounted cost.

“It’s every night. Yes, every night,” said Grimes.

Every night, people are stealing from the donation drop off spot out back and it’s all caught on camera.  Grimes showed us some of the video clips that were captured from their Ring camera.

“When I watch those videos it just really makes me sick to my stomach that people just don’t care,” said Grimes.

Grimes says all the money from Rescued Treasures goes directly to the animal shelter.  Without this store, the shelter would not exist.

“Our biggest expense at the shelter is medical because when we adopt animals out, they are spayed and neutered, they’ve had all of their testing and vaccinations, about 300 dollars per animal”

The money not only helps with medical expenses, but also upgrades to the shelter building. By sharing the video of the suspects stealing, Grimes hopes the thieves will stop targeting her store, so she can shift her focus back to the animals.

“Animals can’t speak for themselves, humans have to be able to help them out and take care of them and that’s what we do at the shelter and that’s why we have this store,” Grimes said, “We use the money here to help keep our animal shelter open here in Putnam County. We also do spay and neuter vouchers for the residents to use for their pets here and a pet food pantry.”

If you do plan to donate to Rescued Treasures, Grimes says to do so during business hours. That's Tuesday through Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The store is closed on Sunday and Monday. Rescued Treasures is located at 1021 Indianapolis Road.

“I take it personal, it’s like they’re stealing from me too because I’ve worked for several years building this store up and working on the shelter and sometimes it just wants to knock you down when people do this. It’s heartbreaking really,” said Grimes.

If you know who’s behind these crimes at Rescued Treasures, please call the Greencastle Police Department at 765-653-3155.

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