‘It’s dangerous’: Woman comes across alligator while walking her dog on the south side of Indianapolis


INDIANAPOLIS – Neighbors made an unexpected discovery on the south side of Indianapolis Friday morning.

Linda Strode said she was walking her dog in an alley near Raymond and Meridian streets Monday morning when the dog, Precious, suddenly veered off the path and came across an alligator.

“Next thing I know, I thought it was a baby alligator, it jumped at her,” Strode said. “It scared the crap out of me, so I grabbed (Precious).”

Strode said she started to move away and then realized she should alert other people about the alligator. The reptile looked to be about 3.5 feet long.

“I was afraid a kid might be walking down the alley or a dog—someone walking their dog like me,” Strode said.

Strode called Indianapolis Animal Care Services.

“They need to give it to the zoo,” she said, “because it’s dangerous. It’s not a pet, really. It snapped at my dog and scared me.”

It appeared the alligator was a pet; a man eventually picked it up and took it home. We reached out to Indianapolis Animal Care Services, which said this is an open case and added that it would refer exotic animal cases to the Department of Natural Resources.

The state of Indiana does allow people to own alligators as pets, but does require a license for “Crocodilians that are at least five (5) feet long.

DNR confirmed a permit is required to own an alligator that is five feet in length or more.

“Per our Division of Fish & Wildlife, this one appears to be 5 feet in length. We don’t show anyone in Indianapolis who has a permit to possess one,” a DNR spokesperson told CBS4.

Anyone wanting to report an alligator to DNR can call the tip line at 800-847-4367 or dispatch at 812-837-9536.

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