INDIANAPOLIS — For a third straight month, some Indy neighborhoods have gone without heavy trash pick up. It’s left sidewalks littered with couches and dressers.

“People say trash attracts trash. You don’t want it to sit out there for too long because people will dump their own stuff around it,” said Ty Stroub, the owner of a hauling company called One Man’s Trash.

The city is broken up into regions and is serviced by three different haulers. The issues are coming from those locations that use Indy’s Department of Public Works (DPW) as their heavy trash hauler. The city has been suffering from a staff shortage for a few months. Each day they plan to accommodate the heavy trash service, but if a few employees call out, then they are forced to make a tough call. The city will choose to suspend heavy trash pick up in favor of regular trash pick up.

“At this point, we know we are close to being at the line, at the bubble, of where we might have to suspend service, so it is something we are looking to,” said Ben Easley, spokesperson for Indy DPW. “We have worked to get people hired and online, but some of those people are in training still.”

We asked DPW if it would be possible to have a heavy trash make up day city wide. This is what they said.

“I imagine we would get exponentially a number of calls about, ‘Hey you missed my legitimate trash,” explained Easley. He also says it is hard to do make up days because they could run into the same staffing issue on a make up day.

Independent haulers like Stroub are now fielding calls frustrated neighbors. It may cost $80 to $100 to have a couch picked up.

“I try to work with my price a little bit in situations like that to help people out,“ explained Stroub. “I feel for people, so sometimes if it’s ten minutes down the road instead of 45 minutes, then I might go lower to $50 or $60.”

DPW is looking to hire anyone with a CDL license who is looking for a job. You can search through open positions here.