ANDERSON, Ind. — The Anderson Police Department arrested two brothers after they say the two pistol-whipped two men repeatedly while robbing them Tuesday.

Damien Lee McGuire and Darrel McGinnis face charges in connection with a robbery that happened shortly after 3 p.m. Tuesday in the 700 block of West 14th Street. While responding to the address, the Anderson Police Department said the caller said he was being chased by two men with guns who threatened to shoot him.

When officers arrived, they found two men who had injuries to their heads and faces. The department said both men said they were pistol-whipped and robbed by McGuire and McGinnis.

According to a probable cause affidavit filed in the case against the brothers, a detective with the department said one of the victims said he was trying to hang out with McGinnis. The two were sitting in a vehicle with the brothers when the victim said McGuire hit him in the back of the head.

The victim told the detective that the brothers started beating him while he was inside the car.

“Yeah, they was both swinging on me,” the document quotes the victim telling the detective.

The document states the victim told the detective he wasn’t sure how many times they hit him, describing it by saying “it never really stopped.”

During the robbery, the victim said the brothers took guns and money from the other victim. At some point, the document states one of the victims told the detective that McGuire started choking the other victim.

When asked if he believed that McGinnis set the two up to be robbed, the document states the victim replied “I assume so, yeah.”

The victim would go on to say he believed it happened over an interaction that happened at a gas station a few months ago. The document said during that interaction, the two flashed a large amount of cash around McGinnis. He says the brothers were upset because “they took it as we was flexin’ on em.”

The second victim told the detective that the child locks were on in the vehicle, preventing him from escaping. The document states the man told the detective that McGuire took the first victim out of the vehicle to get more money, so he told McGinnis that “he thought we was cool.”

The document states McGinnis replied “nah, you know I got open cases. I need money for a lawyer.”

Court records show McGinnis has open cases for probation violation in a drug case out of Grant County and a theft case out of Madison County. At the time of the robbery, McGuire was out on bail for a case where police said he fired a gun into his mother’s home.

At some point, the first victim was able to call 911, but wasn’t able to speak due to being beaten by the guns. The document said McGinnis took the first victim to an apartment, where the victim’s uncle was. The victim told police that McGinnis told his uncle “y’all know me, I’m not playing around.”

Once back at the car, the second victim told the detective that McGinnis brought him up to the apartment, leaving the first victim. While he was going up the stairs, the document said the man took off, hiding in a storage closet.

The first victim said he was able to convince the brothers to let him out in an alleyway. Once out, the document said he ran across yards into a residence to call 911 again.

When the detective went to interview McGinnis and McGuire, they asked to speak with their attorneys.

McGinnis and McGuire face charges of robbery, confinement, battery with a deadly weapon, pointing a firearm, and intimidation.