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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — So far this semester, IU Bloomington has seen more rapes reported to IUPD then it normally sees in an entire year.

According to the university’s crime logs, there have been 24 rapes reported to IUPD since August. That is more than what the department saw in 2018 and 2019.

The university’s annual security report says there were 22 rapes in 2018, 21 in 2019 and 25 in 2020.

“We know the reports are much higher this semester,” Jennifer Kincaid, IU’s Title IX coordinator, said.

Kincaid said her office noticed sharp increase as the semester progressed.

“We believe in part that our increase in numbers is an increase in reporting and that part is a good thing,’ Kincaid said.

However, Kincaid herself admitted it’s hard to be sure of what is really driving this increase. Some students believe it’s also possible that an increase in sexual violence is to blame.

“Either way it is scary, angering, frustrating. Obviously sad because we’ve had personal friends go through it,” sophomore Aanya Jain, a member of Hoosiers Against Sexual Assault, said.

Jain says she’s not sure what is behind the increase either. However, she says it’s hard for female IU students to see this happening.

“As women we have been warned about this our whole lives,” Jain said. “Like be in a group, don’t walk alone at night, watch your drink and we are consistently doing that but this is still happening.”

Jain says one thing she thinks would be beneficial to curbing this increase is for IU’s top leaders to speak out on it.

“Especially considering that we have a president now that is a woman. She should be addressing issues that a lot of women go through,” Jain said.

When asked about that criticism, Kincaid said she understands it comes from a place of frustration but maintains that the university is committed to this issues.

“Our constant conferring on these issues goes all the way to the top of the University,” Kincaid said. “It’s really a high priority for everyone.”

One recently reported rape happened at the Delta Upsilon fraternity house. Last month, Greek life leaders cancelled all Greek activities indefinitely following a string of sexual assaults at fraternity houses.

The numbers have clearly shown that hasn’t solved the problem.

“We’ve increased our prevention programming to different groups we’ve been meeting frequently with student groups,” Kincaid said. “It’s really been a lot of activity around trying to address this increase.“

Kincaid said her office is working to increase its outreach to students on sexual assault prevention.

Anyone with any information on a rape case is asked to give IUPD a call at (812) 855-4111.