INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana State Police has issued a warning about phone scammers posing as authorities to retrieve personal and financial information.

ISP has received multiple complaints about a phone scam involving callers who claim to be police officers and requesting personal information.

The scammers claim there is a warrant out for the arrest of the caller before asking for personal or financial information to take care of the warrant, according to authorities.

The phone number that is commonly displayed during these calls is 317-899-8577, which is the correct number for Indiana State Police Post 52. The caller ID may also display this same post name in an attempt to enhance the scam’s authenticity.

ISP warned that these scammers are adept at leveraging the fears or emotions of callers to their advantage.

The most effective way to avoid being scammed is to never provide any personal information over the phone to an unknown caller concerning social security numbers, bank accounts or credit card numbers.