Irvington neighbor going the extra mile to help prevent theft

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — A bad neighbor can be a huge misfortune, but having a good one can be a blessing–especially if that neighbor is trying to fight theft in the neighborhood.

Steve Henry has nothing but pride for his Irvington neighborhood. For close to 20 years he’s called the area home and it’s why he looks out for his neighbors.

“Without good neighbors you don’t have a neighborhood,” Henry said.

Over the past few years, Henry has noticed a trend of belongings being dumped in the alley behind his home off East Washington Street.

“I can’t say I was shocked, but disappointed again like it was twice in two weeks. In the same spot and same situation with the bag  dumped out,” Henry said.

To keep thieves away he had a street light installed five years ago. He pays an extra $8 a month on his IPL bill.

The extra shine cuts down on the foot traffic and it makes him and his neighbors feel safe.

“Before the light went up, it was really dark back here. You couldn’t see the alley from the house and that has changed. This particular area right here is like daylight now,” Henry said.

IMPD’s crime reports show there have been three vehicle break-ins in the area in the past week. Police reports show a knife and wallet were stolen.

“Summer time is upon us and we are more prone to leave things outside and leave our vehicles unsecured. It’s time to be more diligent and more concerned about what you’re leaving out for other people to see,” Officer Genae Cook said.

Henry has gone out of his way to return stolen property to their owners. IMPD suggests people call and report it instead, but they applaud Henry for going the extra mile and getting the street light installed.

“We welcome community members like that. Other people who live on his street or other people who live on that alley need to be just as concerned as he is and we encourage it,” Officer Cook said.

Henry wants people to be more aware of what they’re leaving in their cars.

“If they can see it, they may take it. Even if it doesn’t have any value to them or not,” Henry said.

Police suggests people always check their car for belongings before they go to bed.

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