IPS teacher donates 20 car seats to families in need


INDIANAPOLIS — When a Robert Lee Frost School 106 preschool teacher watched her students get into cars to go home after school was dismissed, she noticed a startling number of them not having any car seats to sit in. In response, Lindsay Gibson decided to create a GoFundMe to help pay for car seats, and within a week, she had enough money to buy 20 new car seats.

“The majority of the families just didn’t even have a car seat at all so the kids would get in and not even be buckled into a seat,” Gibson said. “We provide them with a safe place here at school, a safe place in my classroom, and then walking them out and putting them in a car without a car seat just didn’t feel right so I wanted them to also have that safe trip home.”

Gibson also partnered with the Indianapolis Fire Department to teach parents the importance of car seats. The fire department already had a program to help get car seats for parents who needed them, and together they taught parents how to install the seats and when to use them.

“When you leave as a brand new mother from the hospital with your infant, you have to have your child in a car seat before you’re allowed to leave,” Gibson said. “After that, there’s no real guidance on how long they need to be in a car seat, what kind of car seat, so this was great partnering with [IFD] because they gave that educational piece.”

This experience of community service is definitely something Gibson wants to do again, especially after seeing how one act of kindness can topple dominoes.

“You know this seemed like such a small act, what I did, and now it’s kinda grown to be this big and now I realize that while I didn’t want all this publicity surrounding it, but I’m grateful that people are opening their eyes to it,” Gibson said. “I would love to do more service projects like this. I would love to partner with some donors who could, so you know I’m not necessarily emptying the banks of my friends and family all the time but I would love to fin other avenues to help.

IFD has a form that individuals can fill out online if they need help getting a car seat.

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