INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– Some IPS students are learning how to code robots and they’re only in preschool!

“It was pretty difficult at first, but I got the hang of it,” said fifth-grader Arthur.

Inside the classrooms at Ernie Pyle School 90, fifth-grade students are learning how to code robots.

“It’s fun to do and it makes you feel calm,” fifth-grader Jayla said.

“I like coding because it helps me relax,” fifth-grader Sarahi said. “Coding helps me with my learning. It helps a lot and knowing you have robots as your friends and you’re controlling them is really fun.”

Students at Ernie Pyle are the first in the district to learn the basics of coding, but IPS hopes to implement it at every school in the future. 

“We start as early as Pre-K and go all the way up to 6th grade,” said Jenina Sorenson, a STEM teacher at the school. “The goal is to have the fifth and sixth graders create their own robots and do robotics with them.”

Sorenson says teaching basic coding skills can develop valuable skills that can help students in any career field down the road. 

“Their creations and what they do is what they come up with,” Sorenson said. “I think it helps students who struggle in the classroom an opportunity to expand to what is really meaningful.”

The class also teaches internet safety and how to prevent cyberbullying.

It’s shaping the next generation of scientists, mathematicians, and engineers. 

“It’s a field many women and girls go into,” Sorenson said. “For them to see themselves in a science role, just incredible.”