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DELPHI, Ind. – It’s been one year since investigators released a sketch of a man suspected of killing Abby Williams and Libby German. That sketch is still generating tips but has not led to an arrest.

Now, on the heels of a major break in another high-profile cold case, CBS4 asked Indiana State Police what they’re doing to solve the Delphi case.

“We are going to work this case until we solve it or until everything has been exhausted,” said ISP Sgt. Kim Riley.

But, the man who killed the Delphi teens is still out there.

“People do not like to keep secrets and sooner or later someone is going to say something, somewhere. We are hoping that the person who hears it they just do not write it off,” said Sgt. Riley.

While officers wait for that one last tip, investigators are using other tactics to track this man down, including DNA which is being analyzed by the Indiana State Police crime lab.

“That information is then put into a national database,” said Sgt. Riley.

This week, DNA testing took center stage after police made an arrest in the 30-year-old murder of April Tinsley. The 8-year-old Fort Wayne girl was kidnapped, raped, and murdered back in 1988. Police used what is called familial DNA testing, which analyzes DNA samples with public genealogy data. That information led police to John Miller, who confessed to the crime. CBS4 asked ISP if investigators are using that test in the Delphi case.

“It is something that we are using in cases. Are we using it in this specific case? I’m not going to say one way or another,” said Sgt. Riley.

But, Riley says familial DNA testing is available to the department and says investigators are working closely with those who cracked the Tinsley case to see if their methods or findings could help solve the murders of Abby and Libby.

“We are using information from that case to help solve any other cases that we have,” said Sgt. Riley.

It’s technology that gives Abby and Libby’s families hope.

“Whatever it takes. If it is familial DNA that is fine too,” said Abby’s mom, Anna Williams.

“That is another tool in their tool belt to help bring out the case to justice,” said Libby’s grandpa, Mike Patty.

If you have information on the Delphi murders, call the tip line at 844-459-5786.