Intermittent fasting: Does it work & is it healthy?

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ANDERSON, Ind– Intermittent fasting is the latest fad diet, promising to make you drop weight quickly, but is it effective and healthy?

Anderson resident Richelle Wagner was looking to make a healthy change in her life, and had heard about intermittent fasting from her co-workers. She decided to try it and only ate for eight hours a day.

When we first met her, Richelle weighed in at 212 pounds. Her plan for week one was to eat from 9 a.m  until 5 p.m., work out more, and eat healthier and more filling foods.

It was a tough transition, but her first weigh-in paid off, dropping five pounds.

Week two brought on a whole new set of challenges. But she powered through, working out less, and changing her eating times.

By the end of week two, she weighed in at 204, down a total of seven pounds.

“It’s amazing what your body can do though and I think if I continue on for the rest of the month, I would see more improvements,” she said.

By week three, Richelle noticed she had more energy, clearer skin, and she was just four pounds away from her goal.

Then  it was time for her final weigh in.

“That’s exactly what I thought, 202. I’ve lost 10 pounds in less than three weeks and that’s really encouraging. I can’t wait to see how much further I push myself.”

But the big question, is intermittent healthy and sustainable ? Dr. David Creel at St Vincent’s Hospital says if done right, it can produce results. But he says it is tough to maintain.

“We used to do it right, when we were hunters and gatherers. I think our body is well equipment to handle fasting in most instances, , but when we look at our environment, it makes it really hard to do,” he explained.

Dr. Creel also noted sometimes during this diet, people tend to overeat because of their extreme hunger.

He suggested if you do intermittent fasting, you must be very intentional, plan out your meals and monitor how you are feeling.

Since our weigh-in with Richelle last week, she has lost an additional two pounds, for a total of 12 pounds in three and half weeks.



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