Inmate charged after hiding heroin in body cavity

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MADISON COUNTY, Ind. (March 11, 2015) – The Madison County Sheriff’s Department have charged an inmate with felony counts of dealing and possession of a narcotic, as well as trafficking with inmates.

Jail officers began investigating Derrick Burt, 33, on March 6, based off of information that heroin was being trafficked within the Madison County Jail.  Burt, who had recently been transferred from the Department of Corrections for a potential sentence modification had smuggled the drug via one of his body cavities.

After the cellblock which housed Burt was searched by officers and K-9 unsuccessfully, the drug task force was able to obtain a search warrant, in which they were able to x-ray Burt and locate, then extract a small baggie with 8 grams of heroin from the suspect.

Madison County Sheriff released the following statement:

“We like to think our jail is as secure as possible, even regarding trafficking, but the truth is that people incarcerated have significant time to figure out ways to get what they want. Our staff, along with the DTF did a great job in discovering the activity.”

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