JOHNSON COUNTY — When the Bargersville Police Department took bids for the constructions of its new police station five years ago, it accepted a bid of $2 million. However, the station is under construction now and will cost the town roughly $3 million instead. The department says rising prices for building materials are to blame.

“Certain necessities that we have like storage for equipment storage for evidence and things of that nature that had to stay in place,” Bargersville’s Public Information Officer Jeremy Roll said. “But some of the other things just had to go.”

In order to cut costs the town cut down on the size of the building. Although the department had intended to purchase new furniture and equipment, it’ll use what it has right now until it can afford to get new stuff.

“Some of the stuff that is a little bit more antiquated we are probably going to have to continue using for a while,” Roll said.

The Town of Edinburgh is running into similar issues. “All costs are going up,” Town Manager Dan Cartwright said. The town recently took bids to construct a new building at the city pool. Cartwright said they had budgeted $400,000.

“The numbers came in extremely high,” Cartwright said. “Almost double what are budget was.” The lowest bid came in at $800,000. Cartwright said that bid later jumped to $900,000. He said when he contacted the contractors they told him a jump in lumber prices are to blame.

“It makes it real hard for me and other town managers and mayors to do their job and have the town grow,” Cartwright said. Cartwright said the town is getting ready to big out other major projects like a new multi-million dollar wastewater treatment plant and a new fire station. He said they should have enough padding in the budget to cover the cost of those.

However, he says tough calls may need to be made. As for the pool, the town will use its current workforce to make the facility ADA compliant but will have to make do with its current facility. “We are doing the best that we can but there are budget restraints, and we are really getting hit in the face a lot on these increase costs,” Cartwright said. For its part, Bargersville Police said it will look to replace some of its aging equipment once a new budget year rolls around.