IndyGo’s Red Line causing challenges for delivery truck drivers

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – IndyGo’s Red Line is less than a month away from opening and the transportation corporation said drivers need to know what that means for them.

Around the Red Line, delivery truck drivers aren’t sure what to do. Some luck out and find a parking space. Others block the road.

“They took the center lane for the bus line, pushed us kind of far out to the right and with the size of our truck I’m hitting tree branches,” said truck driver Ron Doctor.

He’d like to see the city cut tree branches to make it easier but that’s not his only complaint.

“Some of these plastic lane markers are tough to get around with the length of my truck but we’re making it,” said Doctor.

Delivery trucks dropping off at Indiana Roof Ballroom and Indiana Repertory Theatre are still parking in Red Line bus lanes currently but that’s going to have to change once the line officially starts.

“We’re working on a solution,” said Danielle Dove, Director of Marketing and Sales at the Indiana Repertory Theatre.

Antonia Zunarelli, the Sales and Facility Manager at Indiana Roof Ballroom said, “It will just keep us on our toes and help us create some other solutions for our vendors, our patrons and our employees.”

Despite this challenge, overall, they’re excited for the Red Line.

“For our staff who ride the bus and our patrons who ride the bus and might be interested in riding the bus I think this provides and amazing opportunity to come see us at the theatre and also come to the amazing events at the Indiana Roof Ballroom,” said Dove.

“I lived in Europe for a long time and love public transportation so I’m excited to see that the city can offer that,” said Zunarelli.

IRT and The Indiana Roof Ballroom plan to meet next week to come up with this plan. They said they’ll share that plan with us and their delivery drivers.

IndyGo encourages other drivers and businesses to do the same.

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