IndyGo to resume collecting fares Monday


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Heads up if you use IndyGo, you’ll have to start paying for rides again starting May 4th.

The company has made several changes to keep you and drivers safe as it moves back towards regular operations.

“We’ve been adapting as COVID-19 has made some changes in our policy,” said Lesley Gordon with IndyGo. “We were able to get a protective barrier up for our operators, and to help protect our passengers at the fare box and allow for some distancing.”

According to its website, it is also implementing changes to how frequently buses are cleaned and disinfected. Buses will also get Electrostatic Disinfection.

IndyGo’s website describes that as, “This treatment will help disinfect hard to reach areas and will also provide a thin barrier for longer-lasting disinfectant.”

Antibacterial stations will also be at the Carson Transit Center.

IndyGo suspended collecting fare at the end of March. The price of rides will not change.

“Fare will be as it was before,” said Gordon. “We want people to know if they had activated a pass, they had multiple trips before we stopped collecting fares, they are able to take that pass to our retail service desk during their regular hours and get an exchange.”

As far as riding buses, IndyGo is asking passengers to do their best to social distance from others as they can.

“If they have face coverings to wear that while they’re on the bus,” explains Gordon. “As much as those trips can be essential, especially when we’re still on those stay at home orders to just make sure they’re protecting everyone else while they travel.”

Passengers will still get on the bus in the front and can buy tickets at the fare box.

Weekends schedules will operate as normal.

For more information, click here.

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